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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am in need of support and donations. Can you help me?

    We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and are funded ourselves by foundations and individual donors. We are sorry, but we do not make donations or give grants. Here are some other options:

    If you are a private individual or group:
    Private individuals or groups seeking support may want to look into a crowdfunding site, such as GoFundMe, GiveForward, or YouCaring, to see whether that fits your needs.

    If you are representing a 501(c) (3) nonprofit:
    We offer a Donate button on the profile pages for nonprofits. If you represent a registered nonprofit organization, you can claim your organization profile and send the link to your supporters asking them to make a donation or share their story about your work. Donations made through our site are processed by JustGive and should arrive within a few weeks.

  • How can I edit my organization's nonprofit profile page?

    To claim ownership of your nonprofit's profile and edit your organization's information (including your organization's name), simply follow the steps below:

    • Be sure you are registered with a username and password on the site. To do this, register here.
    • Once you are logged in, search for your organization in the nonprofit finder and click into your nonprofit's profile.
    • Click the button that says "Claim this organization" at the right sidebar of your nonprofit profile.
    • If you are the first to claim your profile, you are now the owner of the profile! If you are not the first to claim the profile, it will be manually reviewed by GNP staff and you will receive an email within two business days about your approval.
    • Once your claim has been granted, you will be able to edit your profile, add photos, videos, logos, and links.
    • We allow multiple staff members at an organization to have access to a profile.
  • Do I need permission to post one of your reviews on my website?

    There is no need to ask for permission to quote from our site. Simply use attribution " User review."

  • The organization I'm looking for is not listed.

    Add it yourself. Simply create an account and then add a nonprofit. And once it is there, anybody, with the exception of your account, can write a review about this nonprofit. If you are not the founder or a paid employee, you may write a review for this nonprofit by creating a new user account.

  • I want to change my password.

    First, make sure you're signed in. Then, click the welcome greeting at the top navbar of the page. If you are a nonprofit user, click "Manage My Account." If you are an individual user click "My Page" then on your reviews page, click the "Manage My Account" link. Your registration information will appear and you can edit your username, email, or password.

  • How can I get my nonprofit removed from your site or not receive reviews about it?

    More than 1.8 million nonprofits are listed on this site. These nonprofits listed on this site are public charities and as such, the nonprofit is accountable to the public and its listing information is public information.

  • Will you take down a negative review that is posted about my nonprofit?

    We understand the importance of your reputation to you and to your organization. GreatNonprofits provides an open forum for discussion about nonprofits. As such, we do not as a policy remove user-written reviews. It is our experience that users understand that the web is an open forum and look at the totality of information about a nonprofit when forming an opinion. So we urge you to get your message out by responding and asking your supporters to do the same.

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